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    merged document - Update Content in Data Fields for minor updates


      I am unable to Update Content In Data Fields of a Merged Document (where the fields were placed on the master page).

      What happens is that the data is deleted from the document pages.  I had only edited on record in the source file.

      This is just a simple file - I am trying to figure out how this should work and cannot.  Any advice would be appreciated.


      Log of Update Data Fields.

      Document Name: plceholders on master page old-1.indd
      Date of update: 12/2/2014
      Data Source: simple columns gagag Book1.csv
      Added records: 1
      Deleted records: 1
      Deleted page items: 3

      Record 3 (key = autokey3) was added.
      Record (key = autokey1) was deleted.