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    Lightroom v5.7 for Windows freezes during startup




      To all, in advance of contributing your advice and knowledge - Thank you!


      I hope someone can help me through this I am experiencing. Over the past few days every time I start LR, it starts fine (so I thought).  The program starts to load but when when the splash screen appears that is when it freezes.  the little loading icon no longer circles indicating that it is still loading the rest of the program (that is the freezing part).  When I click on anywhere on the program, it grays out, the "not responding" gets tagged to the top and then the other dialog box appears to wait or abort.  I tried and waited for about five minutes (i went to make some coffee.  I figure I make the best of the situation).  After that time, I cancelled the program.


      After two attempts (two cups of coffee was enough), I did the following:

      1. Uninstalled it then re installed from Creative Cloud administrative.  End result, no change.

      2. Uninstalled again then downloaded the program and re installed directly.  End result, no change.

      3. Defragged the drive (last night - no more coffee) then today I installed from the download: Yes, you guest it, no change.


      At this point I am stumped.  I hope someone can shed some light and point me in a positive direction that will correct my dilemma.


      System Setup:

      Windows Pro version 8.1 - 64-bit

      Lightroom version 5.7 - 64-bit


      All of the other Adobe Creative Cloud (both client and CC edition) run just fine.  It is only Lightroom that I am experiencing the problem.