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    Searching numbers with character style - inconsistent

    myDavey Level 1


      I have a table with many cells filled with numbers

      Some cells have a number, then a space, and then more numbers (as can be seen in screen shot below)

      The text has a paragraph style which uses a grep style to differentiate the second set of numbers - it applies a character style named FOOTNOTE #

      Here is the problem

      • I want to delete all these numbers
      • I type into the grep find field: \s+\d+
      • I select the FOOTNOTE # in the find styles window
      • InDesign finds all these numbers except for when the cell has a number in parentheses following!
        In the example below, it finds the number 113 in the first row, but it wont find the red numbers in the second row!


      What can be the issue here?

      Any suggestions will be appreciated