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    files were not received


      Damnit, this is frustrating! I just had a customer write to say they did not receive the six files I sent yesterday, so I sent them again, then I sent them one by one. I did have Send Now and have only recently switched to sending my files via Adobe Send (because you've left me no alternative). I had no problems before, ever, and these files are showing up as "sent" on Adobe Send Now, but apparently they have not been sent! I need real help--now. I guess I will have to call tomorrow.

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          bob.treitman Employee Moderator

          If the files are appearing in your Sent Files view, then I'm very confident that the emails were sent. It's possible that they got trapped by the recipient's spam/junk filter.

          This problem seems to be on the increase -- it happened to me over the weekend when purchasing theater tickets with e-mail delivery. When I didn't get the e-mail within an hour, I called the box office and they suggested I look in my spam folder (gmail). There they were.

          One thing you mentioned is puzzling, though. You're saying that the files are showing as "sent" on Adobe Send Now?  Did you mean Adobe Send?

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            Greenwoman Level 1

            It's Adobe Send. That's good advice, but the one I sent myself as a test, with the same email as the customer, is definitely not in the spam folder - so I will have to call Adobe today. Thanks for trying to help.