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    Running low on memory

    junct Level 1

      I have recently built my own desktop.



      nVidia GTX 760

      16gb Crucial Ballistix Sport Ram


      I use after effects and photoshop in a pretty undemanding way (the most demanding thing I do is rotoscoping). However, when using premier pro (as well as after effects and media encoder) I keep getting this error message:


      It sometimes happens when rendering my timeline, and almost always happens when I try to export. I'm editing 1080p 72mbps footage, with minor colour correction using premiere's native tools and a clip or two with 5-10 seconds of light rotoscoping and blur (dynamically linked with after effects).


      As far as I'm aware I shouldn't be experience memory issues?


      Any thoughts on this, and how to identify the problem?

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          After Effects requires lots of memory, try it with and without After Effects involvement and watch your memory usage in Task Manager

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            junct Level 1

            Memory usage in task manager never peaks, which I find odd.


            Regardless, should my system be struggling under the load of After Effects?

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm wondering if this is a Ram problem or if your system cache or cache locations are not able to grow as they would like. Make sure Windows has its pagefiles on a drive with LOTS of room and proper settings, and you have plenty of space for any Adobe app cache file needs. Might be your problem.



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                junct Level 1

                It was my understanding that messing with pagefiles could cause system imbalances down the line? Or do you mean only changing the pagefile settings on the drive with the cache locations?


                And how do I ensure I have "plenty of space for any Adobe app cache file needs"? I have a 3tb HDD for exports, the media cache and renders.

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  Where are your media cache files?  Look at this directory on your C:\Users\"your username"\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Media Cache Files. 

                  How large is it?  Have you ever deleted all that leftover junk?

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                    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Windows pagefiles can be changed without issue as long as you 1) put them someplace with decent space and 2) don't put them where you're going to have a lot of other read-write stuff going on. As to setting the size "right", there's all sorts of articles out there as to how to do this for best performance, but I'd recommend going to the Hardware Forum and it's Tweaker's Page to get the suggestions from there. Fwiw, the standard settings Windows makes are often ... not optimal.



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                      dummergold Level 4

                      With your Preferences


                      under memory


                      how much RAM have you allocated as reserved for other applications? such as your operating system

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                        Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        16 GB isn't much for After Effects.

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                          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          AfterEffects seems to be interested in any resource it can grab. Some effects use memory or Gpu Or CPU more than others, but it seems to like more of everything by the time you get much done.

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                            junct Level 1

                            Bill Gehrke: Yeah, I keep the cache clear. I generally clear it every week or so, or more frequently if I'm having issues rendering. My media cache is saved on a seperate HDD, on which I only store the cache, exports and previews.

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                              junct Level 1

                              R Neil Haugen: Alrighty cheers for the tip. Any advice on which pagefiles I should be playing with and where I should store them? Or is that question outside the scope of this forum?

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                                junct Level 1

                                dummergold: I've actually allocated premiere a lot of memory. I'm not at my desktop, but I think I have about 12gb allocated to premiere - is this a mistake? Should I have it more balanced?

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                                  junct Level 1

                                  @Peru Bob: Oh really? I didn't realise this, when I was doing my research to build my desktop I was lead to believe this should be more than sufficient for my needs. In a 7 minute project, I have a single after effects clip dynamically linked. It has 4 seconds of rotoscoping and camera blur applied. Should this really be an issue for my system?


                                  Further, this is an issue I've encountered with projects that don't feature after effects.

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                                    dummergold Level 4

                                    16  -  12 leaves you 4 GB for your operating system and any other processes you might have running in the background. Sure, Task Manager will say that you are not using your full RAM, so theoretically you should have more then 4 GB. But theoretically PP should work properly (don't know what version you run) and Windows is telling you you are running low.


                                    I gave mine 10GB, but I have 64 GB installed.

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                                      R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      In Windows ...


                                      Control Panel -> System -> Performance Information & Tools -> Advanced Tools -> Adjust the Appearance & performance of Windows -> Advanced tab -> Virtual Memory and click "change".


                                      Windows normally sets a "system managed size" which jumps up and sometimes down, and can at times be quite larger than needed or ... less than needed.


                                      One of the recommendations that's been used a lot is use a "Custom" size setting, set an initial size roughly equal to your RAM and then a max maybe 4 times that.You can also choose which drive/drives to use. It's better to use a fast drive & connection, as these are read AND write files remember ... stuff that oft needs quick access. On my old computer I had this on an SSD that was my cache/pagefile drive; on the one I've got now, with a pair of 240Gb SSD's in RAID 0 for system, I've got both room & speed there for them ... and I use a 120Gb SSD for all video app cache/preview files.


                                      I've just purchased a PNY 128Gb US3 flash-drive (was less the $40) for trying for media files in a working project, as someone else here noted. Spreading out my "stuff" on as many buses as possible, and as the media files is ONLY a read situation, USB3 should be adequate. While looking this up, I found that several people who have only a few discs on their machine who used these as their pagefile locations for Windows and found a bit better operations.


                                      Again, that Tweaker's Page has a LOT of info on this sort of thing ...



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                                        Peferling Level 4

                                        I have 16 gigs on one my workstations, including a laptop, and both play fine with heavy handed projects that have a few AEPs embedded.  I always have a rule of thumb to never fill any drive/array past the 50% mark, else performance suffers.  I use an array for video, and a dedicated drive for scratch that runs on it's own buss.  Maybe it's time to do a little house cleaning and move some of your old projects off onto a storage drive.


                                        You could replace the AEP comps with rendered clips, save that project to a new name and then render from the new project.  That would prevent AME from having to load AE into memory during the export.