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    video intro in photoshop video timeline to import into apple motion 5


      why the  design  i import into apple motion 5 layers did not open up the design was flat i render the design that i which i use still image that i was to finish animating in motion 5 . why did this happen and what is the solution. How do i import into apple motion 5 so i can be able edit in motion the layers


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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't have a mac, so my help is a bit limited.


          If you are saving to a format that apple motion can read like mov or avi and it does not play, it is possible it is a codec issue. In order for the video to play, your machine must have the same codec as the machine photoshop is on. Some apps also have their own embedded codecs to make sure the video plays using that codec.

          One way to go around this issue or I should say two ways is 1)set the codec to none or full and 2)use an image sequence.

          By setting the codec to none, the video does not get compressed so no codec is needed to play it, however, because it is a full quality video the file size would be dramatically larger and can effect how well it plays. Not all computers can play full quality video without any skipping.

          By using an image sequence, this requires your motion program to be able to load images just like you would for a slide show. The difference is how long each image is played, you may need to manually set the length of time it is to display. This setting will affect the speed of the video. Since images are quite common in how they save and load, there is normally no need to worry about it working like you would with a  video file.

          Something else to keep in mind if your video is to be overlayed onto other video, you may need to worry about transparency, some codecs do not support transparency, but full quality normally does as does some images formats which you should be aware of by now. If not let us know.