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    Upgrade issue from 2014.1 to 2014.1.1 and poor technical support by Adobe


      I am having problem with upgrading from 2014.1 to 2014.1.1 as CC desktop app kept showing "Up to date" instead of upgrade.


      I have tried all methods suggested in this forum:

      - Logout/login CC App

      - uninstall and reinstall CC App

      - delete opm.db

      - uninstall Edge Animate and reinstall


      all did not work for me and I am still stuck with 2014.1, where my animation's audio still cannot to work on iOS.


      Finally, I managed to get on support chat with someone and there after he put on an adobe connect session. Obvious that person did not know what he is doing, at one stage he was even trying to install AAM on my Mac using an .exe installer. Guess what, after taking control over my mac through Adobe Connect for over 30 mins, and found out he didn't know what to do, he just simply kicked me out of the session. Not even telling me if my problem can be solved or not. I being kickout and lockout for access the webchat on Adobe support site as well.


      Is that how you treat your customer? We paid for the software. I am totally disappointed with the level of service here.


      Can someone in Adobe please look into this? And also solve the upgrade issue on CC App!


      BTW, I was on Adobe Connect session with Nitin Kapila


      Vinod Menon@Adobe, arao2k6, dharmk, vivekuma