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      My programming staff was searching out the software to make sure nothing was hard coded to the c:\ drive, and they found some references in WebHelp - oops. One of them is in the eHlpDhtm.js java script...

      var HH_ChmFilename = "C:\\help\\source_files\\EMS\\console\\Executive Management System WebHelp.chm";

      I do not have a .chm file and am publishing solely in WebHelp (RH Office 4.0). I use DHTML for drop-downs. Can this statement be ignored? Can I remove it using some kind of setting in RoboHelp? I don't really want to remove it with an editor unless necessary.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Kitty. This file is used whenever DHMTL effects are used in a project. My guess is that the reference to the CHM is a legacy of some sort. Have you tried searching for any reference of the CHM file in your project?
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
            Sorry, I should have added the offline reply I sent Kitty when the forums were down.


            If you look at that line in the file in RoboHelp HTML's Program Folder, you will see the line

            var HH_ChmFilename = "";

            If you create a new project, you will see the same in the copy of the file in that project.

            It only seems to get populated when you create a CHM file so my guess is at some point, someone has created a CHM from that project, perhaps for review purposes.

            I think you could amend the line from

            var HH_ChmFilename = "C:\\help\\source_files\\EMS\\console\\ExecutiveManagement System WebHelp.chm";


            var HH_ChmFilename = "";
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              KittyLiz Level 1
              Thanks Colum & Peter,

              I still haven't figured out how I ended up creating a chm - this is a fairly new WebHelp project. However, at least I know it is not a big issue.

              Along the same lines of identifying hard-coded c: references, I am coming up with what is apparently another legacy issue. When I search for "c:", idxlist.htm shows up for two different projects. We waffled in the past about whether to assign the index at the topic level or at the index file level. We finally ended up with the topic level so we could import keywords easily. Anyway, I wonder if this is left over from those experiements. When I open the file, it looks like a combination of the contents and the index.

              To make this shorter... what is idxlist.htm for?

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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                Hi Kitty. This is not a RH file AFAIK so would have nothing to do with topic level of .HHK keywords. It is an index file of some sort however so may be a legacy file. Was there some other external method of indexing perfomed in the past?
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                  Take a look at the Unused Files report and see if idxlist.htm is listed there.

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                    KittyLiz Level 1
                    Well I solved it somewhat. I don't know where idxlist.htm came from - definitely showed up in old projects that were started way back in time, before RH 9. This was before my time on the project. There are also other idx files called idxform.htm, idxdhtml.htm, & idxbody. Come to find out, these files do not exist in the technical writers' version, only in the published user version. I think we have been publishing and copying into folders without deleting old files first. So legacy junk has been hanging around, even though deleted in the original source project.

                    Thanks for your advice. I will continue with my cleanup quest and improve our distribution practices as we go.