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    "Tearing" issues on CC 2014 update




      I'm experiencing the "tearing" issues with 4K files on the latest Adobe Premiere CC 2014 update. I'm using GPU acceleration on my system and it should be able to easily handle 4k footage with CUDA and OPEN CL. All files are .MP4 format UHD 3840x2160 100mbs shot on a GH4. All files were captured on a Sandisk Extreme Pro 16gb (95mbs class 10 SDHC I). I have confirmed that files themselves are NOT corrupt as playback on the GH4 shows clean files:


      My system:


      Windows 7 ultimate (64bit)

      Gigabyte Ga z97x gaming 7 mobo (latest bios)

      coolermaster CPU cooler

      Intel core i7 4771 @3.5ghz

      GeForce GTX 780ti (344.75 driver)

      16GB corsair DDR3 ram

      Samsung 1tb SSD system drive

      corsair 7x750m PSU


      So...my system is pretty darn "beefy" scoring a consistent 10,000+ score on 3DMark (93%)


      A few notes:

      • I AM using an all SSD workflow (system OS and applications all on Samsung 1TB SSD)
      • Editing SSD is 500GB Western Digital (I have tried files on both SSDs....same issues)
      • I mention the SSD's because there are some folks that swear AGAINST them in editing etc....
      • I'm seeing this happen in the SOURCE window....MOST of the time it translates into the sequence after render. Whats weird is that sometimes the rendered sequence file will have "tearing" in completely different areas than the source file!
      • I have and AERO theme turned ON (as suggested in this forum)


      Overall, I'm ready to throw in the towel with frustration. I'm reading about a lot of issues being reported with the latest CC 2014 update...with a lot of forum users saying that they are falling back to software rendering etc. The promise of Open CL computing and CUDA rendering of 6k files on an off the shelf laptop is escaping me ( A quick Peek at Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 (v8.1) - YouTube )


      Here is what I am seeing:



      HELP Adobe - I'm reading about so much of the same issues with this latest update!