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    FlashPaper Printing problem


      Does anyone know why this is happening?

      When I print straight from FlahsPaper, I get only in some printers black boxes around portions on text. Although the text looks ok in FlashPaper, it does seem to be the most ragged text to be the one that's covered by the black box.

      Apparently it depends on how the Adobe PDf document was created or how the FlashPaper document was produced from a PDF.

      I have been in and out of this problem for 2 months, and it is just drving me and my client crazy. I just can't find a single clue to point me in the right direction.

      I would appreciate ANY help!

      Thank you!

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          I'm dealing with this problem also. I work for an educational publisher and we're trying to post flashpaper documents on our website for students and teachers to download or print. It seems that every different configuration of computer and printer gets a different result in how the document prints. Sometimes there are black boxes especially in graphics but also in the middle of a sentence. Sometimes the labels in graphics all change to the same letter or look scratchy. If anyone knows anything please help. Thanks in advance.
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            dunlapjd Level 1
            I am experiencing the same problem, yet we are converting to flash paper from PowerPoint.