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    Tracking not working with Mocha & AE


      I want to remove bags under the subjects eyes... These are the steps I took


      - From Premiere, I clicked the clip to replace with AE composite

      - From AE, I went to Animation- Track in Mocha

      - From Mocha, made my selection, did the track, moved inner points, clicked everything under "Motion" (translation, scale, rotation etc..), clicked large motion

      - Clicked on Export Shape Data, went with all layers, (there was only one), and then copied to clipboard

      - Went to AE, highlighted my layer in AE, duplicated the layer, and pasted the Shape Data on that layer

      - Blurred the layer, but the entire image is blurred rather then the isolated selection (shape data)


      Here's a video of how I did it.. I did a quick track for the sake of the video, and used inner point for feathering when I actually did it..

      I've searched high and low and tinkered with so many settings, cant figure out why its not working.. Can someone shed some light on this? I just want to blur the selection I made in Mocha

      I actually got these steps from another tutorial, I followed the steps, and I couldnt replicate the results. Here's that video:Webinar: Digital Makeup & Retouching with Mocha and Adobe After Effects - YouTube