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    Dynamic link render times


      Im using Creative cloud CC 2014, all up to date, but seem to be having huge issues with dynamic link between premiere and after effects.

      ANY dynamically linked clip i try to render in  premiere just to preview takes forever, eg: 92 frames has just taken 17:24. The AE workflow is fairly simple, a mask applied to a layer with a new layer added behind it, some scaling and position changes....thats it.


      This can not be right,

      AE itself seems really clunky compared to older versions, just scrubbing through the timeline can cause the spinny wheel.

      RAM previews are slow and take a long time to start.


      I am aware there was a memory leak issue with AE, but as i am on the latest update, i assumed this was fixed.


      My machine spec:

      2x2.4 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon

      26GB of 1066 MhzDDR3 Ram (8Gb reserved for other apps)

      Nvidia Quadro K5000

      OS X 10.9.5


      Footage on a separate drive to AE Cache, (set to 500Gb)