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    Transitions result in bad pixelation - help!!


      Hi guys! I hope you can help me!

      We have just switched from FCP to Premiere, producing promos. We use a lot of push slides, however, I'm experiencing problems with this.

      I have also tried other transitions and have the same problem.

      I can apply the effect and it looks OK, but once I render it, the quality on the transition gets very very bad, highly pixelated.

      I have tried to play with the Anti-Alias quality, which works sometimes - but again, only until I render it.

      Is there something I'm missing or how can I make sure it looks good? It cannot be aired like this ...

      See image attached

      Oh - the sequence settings we're using are Sony XDCAM HD1080p, Square pixels, Upper field - the same settings we have used for years in FCP with no problem.

      Has somebody here experienced this issue?

      To be safe, we also tried this on another  machine with different footage - the result / problem is the same,


      Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.07.10.png