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    Hi everyone I am really baltting with the online support.


      Hi everyone I am really ballting with the online support.

      They are rude and they time out my conversation with out answering my questions or assisting me here is my problem.ref: Case Number  0214323471  The issue still remains unresolved.  We attempted to purchase a copy of Adobe CC full suite and followed the instructions on the web page.  We got as far as entering the credit card details and entered ‘purchase'.  The site appeared to be processing the order, and remained active for some time, and then timed out after some considerable time. We waited for some time, and checked if any monies had been debited from the account, and it had not. Then tried again, and the same thing happened.  We attempted to track the purchase, but without an order reference this was not allowed. We then had notice that 2 payments were debited from our credit card account.  Tried to call the help line but it was just a recorded message that told us to log on to the web site.  So, we have paid twice, and have no product. The issue is not resolved, and I really need an answer and my money back other wise I am going to raise all hell!


      Please can you offer advice or assistance.