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    Validators don't reset the focus "halo" color

    Graeme Harker Level 1
      If I use a TextInput's "change" event (rather than it's "valueCommit" event) to trigger the Validator, the thin red line around the TextInput (and the control's errorString property) is updated correctly by the Validator after each key depression but the control's "focus" halo isn't updated. The "focus halo" appears to be evaluated only when the UIComponent receives focus. As a consequence in the example below I can be sometimes left with red halo around a valid TextInput and a blue halo around an invalid control. Is there any way to get the FocusManager to reevaluate the halo color each time the Validator runs?

      <mx:Application >

      <mx:NumberValidator id="numberValidator" minValue="2" maxValue="10"
      source="{this.textInput}" property="text" triggerEvent="change" />

      <mx:TextInput id="textInput" />