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    Premiere Pro CS6 crashing/unresponsive on startup in main user account


      Whenever I start Premiere Pro CS6 (64 bit, Windows 7) the welcome screen displays for a few seconds before the window appears as if shifted down to the bottom right corner of my screen - but it's completely unresponsive. See screenshot here: http://i.imgur.com/LBOlpsG.png Clicking on the window anywhere only produces the unresponsive *ding* sound, while even right clicking on the program on the task bar and closing does nothing. The only way I can close Premiere is by opening Task Manager and closing it from there.


      I tried reinstalling Premiere, removing codecs and Quicktime, but nothing worked until I simply tried running the program from a different Windows user account - and it worked. The problem is most online troubleshooting for this problem seems to act as if the problem is solved there - "Try running it from a different user account" etc. How do I actually fix the problem that is causing this behaviour, and use Premiere from my main user account? Any help would be greatly appreciated!