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    webhelp ducc output size


      Tool: Robohelp 11, webhelp, using DUCC (dynamic user-centric content)

      Question: DUCC generates its own output files for each Content Category you create. However, my use of DUCC is simple, only toc/indexes. Can output size be reduced?

      Reason: 1) good to know. My use of DUCC may be more complex next time.  2) A software build process has many steps and players. While an added 50MB is small potatoes sizewise, it would be courteous to reduce time if not needed.

      Possible method I can think of: Perhaps there's a dialog box option to redirect the DUCC tocs/indexes to the main topics instead of generating a separate set of files.



      My output sizes

      • Non-DUCC webhelp output is 25MB
      • Adding 2 DUCC Content Categories totals 75MB


      My user's Help selections

      • Product Help (default, used by about half of the users, inclusive toc/index)
      • Manager Help (unique toc/index)
      • User Help (unique toc/index)


      My use of DUCC is perhaps the simplest:

      • Only toc/index differ
      • All have same conditional text and language
      • Search finds all topics


      Thank you

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5

          Currently, there is no way of doing this in RoboHelp, other than DUCC or creating multiple outputs. (Basically the same as DUCC.) I would encourage you to file a wish with Adobe: Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          The more people to submit a wish, the more likely it is to be implemented.


          Kind regards,



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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            Sorry but that's the way DUCC works. Each output is necessarily different. Your TOC may have Safety Steps for example and the categories could be different trades with different steps. It might be the same topic in the source but each output could be different because of build tags. To point one TOC topic to the same topic and dynamically apply the build tag would require actions that are just not possible in a browser.


            In most cases use of DUCC is more complex and tags will provide different content and the search will find only relevant topics.


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