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    I Know I Ask A Lot Of Questions, But...

    alexdejesus Level 1

      Dual Intelligent Procoessors.jpgCan anyone explain what I'm supposed to do with this contraption? It looks neat and everything, and I'm always lookiong for ways to make my computer a little faster, but it seems like you ought to know what you're doing before playing with these settings. I have never overclocked anything manually because I have no idea what I'm doing and I fear screwing things up. This is some kind of automatic tool, but split into different sections. Naturally, I want to put everything on 'maximum' or 'extreme' and I have come close. But when i reboot everything changes and resets to 'off' or whatever. I can't tell if performance is any better. Even in extreme mode, it does seem like the CPU is set to some kind of power saving mode where it defaults to 1600 MHz during editing and then once in a while it will burst up a bit higher.


      By the way, this comes with the ASUS X99-E WS motherboard