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    Completion using percentage of screens viewed in  PeopleSoft Oracle ELMS 9.2 LMS using Presenter 9


      I am trying to figure out publishing settings to get a course developed in Adobe Presenter 9 to complete correctly in a PeopleSoft Oracle ELMS 9.2 LMS. We would like to require participants to visit 85% of the screens, and can set completion that way, or hard code in a number of screens required.

      Publishing Settings are:

      SCORM v1.2

      Status Representation: Complete/Incomplete

      Success Criteria: Slide views set to 85%

      Here's what we are seeing in the LMS:

      Upon enrollment only, course shows correct Passing status, and Completion status. Passing status = Pending and Progress = Not attempted.


      Upon clicking the "Launch" link in the LMS, the Table of Contents (manifest) is displayed. Here, also the Passing status correctly shows "Not Attempted"

      Course successfully launches in a new browser window.

      Here's the issue. I did not go further that the first slide, and I exited. The course shows the passing status changed from "Pending" to "Not Required" and the Completion status changed from "Not Attempted" to "Completed."


      However, when I click "Re-Launch" link, I am presented with the manifest. The Passing status on the manifest (Table of Contents) now shows "Incomplete."

      unnamed (1).png

      Is there an issue with the publishing settings that would cause the course to tell the LMS that it's complete even when no slides have been viewed? Any advice is much appreciated.