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    Websockets flash fallback not working when secure is true

    haxtbh Level 4

      I am running Coldfusion 11 on  a 2008 win server box (IIS7). I have configured websockets in coldfusion using the built in server with all the defaults with the addition of my keystore for the SSL setup.


      I am using the the secure="true" on the cfwebsocket tag.


      <cfwebsocket name="mySocket" onMessage="defaultmsgHandler" onOpen="openHandler" onError="errorHandler" secure="true"/>


      The rest of the websocket code is from the adobe dev connection - http://www.adobe.com/devnet/coldfusion/articles/html5-websockets-coldfusion-pt1.html

      My addition is simply the secure attribute.


      All works fine, over both SSL and Non SSL (ws / wss) exactly how I expected. The problem came when I was testing it in older browsers < IE 10 etc. The flash fallback is loading up as I can see the element in the html but there is no connection to the websocket server and no data is moved around.


      As soon as I remove the secure = true attribute everything is fine. Flash fallback works exactly how I was expecting.


      I have all the relevant ports open on the firewall. Flash fallback uses 1243 and it seems to connect when I trace it via wireshark but the connection from flash back to websockets doesnt initiate.


      Is it intended to work this way? Am I missing a trick somewhere? Do I need to change something in the crossdomain.xml policies?