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    Flash 8 and NTLM probs

      Im using the latest Firefox and Flash 8 under Windows 2003 Server to upload multiple files to my awaiting ASP.NET v1.1 .ASPX page. I can connect directly to the web app (with a GET request) and there is no prob but when the flash object goes to POST to the same URL the authentication dialog appears asking me to log in. I eneter in the correct info and still nothing happens. Uploaing never occurs. With IE6+ this problem doesnt seem to occur, or at least not as often as Firefox.

      I think from inspecting the HTTP headers there is a NTLM header not being sent by the flash object. I experienced something similar with ASP.NET not receing its authentication cookie when the flash object did a POST and so maybe this is related -- Flash just doesnt replicate all the browsers header info to be sent to the server.

      For multi file uploading im using: flash.net.FileReferenceList

      thanks for any ideas. I've attached my flash .fla code to this message. If it makes a difference the object is being used on a Sharepoint site and the .ASPX page and object itself already has its NTFS security settings set to everyone.