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    Multiple programs crash using a Save As dialog box, suspected cause is interaction of machine with Robohelp


      Hi all,


      Apologies if this is in the wrong area, it could also be related to RoboSource Control.


      I have a problem with my entire system. I am getting regularly kicked out of programs when I try to add an attachment or save something. It occurs when a standard Windows 'Save As' or 'Open file' dialog box is opened to browse to a file path, and this regularly leads to being kicked out of the whole program. This happens in Chrome, all the microsoft office programs, outlook, adobe acrobat reader - everything in fact where I use one of these standard Windows file browsing dialog boxes. The kicking out is pretty indiscriminate - it doesn't happen every time. Sometimes it will take me 5 or 6 attemps to save something or add an attachment, having to reload the program each time. Sometimes, but rarely, it will work first time.


      The only program it doesn't happen in is Roboscreen Capture and Robohelp, which is odd in itself. Both the two other technical writers in my department have both exactly the same issue with their machines, and this never happens to anyone else in the office of about 40 people. The only thing me and the two other technical writers have in common with our machines is that we all have Robohelp and RoboSource Control and Roboscreen Capture.


      We use version control through RoboSource Control with Robohelp, this could be the problem. We are also raising this issue with our IT department.


      Can anyone on here give a helping hand to point me in the right direction?



      Many thanks,