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    Display Error in Digital Editions

    SMark59 Level 1

      Recently tried the Fixed Format Epub export in InDesign 2014. Digital editions displays all the text in the document extremely over size. I viewed one of the XHTML pages in DreamWeaver, also 2014 and in Live Mode in appeared normal but in Design view it displayed just as it did in Digital Editions. I also opened the Epub file in Sigil and the pages look fine there. Any idea's what's up.


      I am fairly new to e-publishing as well and am having trouble navigating between the features and layout possibilities in InDesign and what comes out in XHTML. Does anyone know of a list of things you can do in InDesign that aren't supported in the epub format?


      For example: a 1 row table with two columns, the first column narrow with an Icon in it (png format) and the second column wider with text in it. The table stroke in InDesign is set to none, and the table has a black fill at 20%. Cell styles applied have the stroke set to none. When I look at the table in the resulting epub file. It has a stroke as a boarder and the two cells divider has a stroke. Both strokes are thin and black? I'm looking to create a sort of header as a grey box with an inset icon at left and a text description at the right.