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    Can you change the name of the linked Word doc?


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      I have a linked Word document in my project called "Draft 7".  I've been updating it over time and I'm past Draft 7, but I'm afraid if I import Draft 8 I won't be able to use the custom-made TOC I made for Draft 7. (The topics and headings are mostly the same in the two drafts)


      I need to either:

      a) Change the link so it refers to Draft 8 instead of Draft 7

      b) Remove Draft 7, link Draft 8, and have the TOC (and any other settings) apply to Draft 8 instead, or

      c) Start a new project with Draft 8 and copy the TOC (and any other settings) from the Draft 7 project.


      Which is best?





      -- Shawn

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could also rename draft 8 into draft 7 and overwrite the linked doc. The whole idea of linking is that you continue working in the linked document and update Word.


          a) Changing the link will require mucking in RoboHelp control files. I would discourage you from trying this. It would probably mean corrupting the link and having to start over anyway.

          b) You can do this, but you will have to relink all content. And if you remove Draft 7 first, it may delete the TOC and settings anyway. You can find/replace links with notepad++ (in the hhc file) to quickly fix the links.

          c) There's no need to start a new project. You can import the TOC, but the same issue as b) applies.


          I would just rename Draft 8 to Draft 7 and overwrite the linked doc. (Make a backup.) Then sync again.


          Kind regards,