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    Audio drop out


      So I've read other people having audio drop outs with Premiere and I've taken the advice to keep media cache on the system hard drive and also render audio and video etc but those things do not work.  I'm cutting with H264 footage out of my 5D.  I've had audio drop outs with premiere for the past few years but its the worst I've ever experienced with the October release.  I'm cutting a film on it now and can barely get through the edit.  Anyone have any other advice?


      Using a 2008 Mac Pro, dual quad core xenon processors with 8 gigs of ram and my internal hard drive speeds are banging over 300mb per second.  I don't believe its my system.  I also have drop outs when cutting on my laptop as well.  I believe this has something to do with Premiere's architecture.  Thoughts are welcomed.  Thanks.

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          I have the same problem as well. Since the October 2014 update I've been getting them fairly regularly. The yellow warning triangle icon comes up in the lower right-hand corner indicating a an audio dropout in one of the files or in "adobe player". They occur randomly on the timeline. Whenever they occur it freezes up the entire playback of the timeline. Wish I had some answers for you...hopefully someone from Adobe or someone who knows how to remedy the problem with jump on here with some solutions.


          My set up

          Windows 7 64bit, quad core Xeon 3.1GHz, 16 GB RAM, SSD drive, Nvidia Quadro K2000 1GB VRAM, latest drivers