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    Is it possible to export a 3d mesh created in Photoshop CC into After Effects CC?


      Is it possible to use a 3d mesh created in Photoshop CC and import it to After Effects, completely intact?


      I created a single-plane, 3d mesh from a 2 dimensional photograph in Photoshop CC and want to incorporate it in an animation in After Effects.  I'm aware of the extrusion options offered in After Effects CC, but I wanted to retain the particular style of the 3d mesh from Photoshop (also, is it true true that extrusions in After Effects CC are only available for vector based stuff?).


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



      [a side question: can one create a 3d mesh from a 2d photo in Cinema 4d lite and then perhaps use this in After Effects CC?]