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    Lightroom no longer starts on Windows 8.1 PC

    RuneJaco Level 1

      Creative cloud user on Win8.1 PC.


      Photoshop, AE, PP and Audition all work great on the same PC.


      Lightroom pre 5.4 ran just fine. Since 5.4, it hangs when it starts. The user interface loads, but the splash screen never goes away, and Windows eventually reports it as not responding.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, this week with 5.7, but still no go.


      The only thing I know of that is different from the default is that I have installed the ProLost Lightroom Presets previously. I didn't suspect them to be the problem, but I have removed them, and that did not change the result - I am still unable to start Lightroom, unfortunately.


      Any ideas how to get past this? Is there a way to produce a log file that tells us why Lightroom does not start up? Anything else I can do?


      I would like to get moving on this to process some holiday photos before a new holiday season arrives, so any help would be highly appreciated!


      Thanks and best regards,


      Rune Jacobsen