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    New Build Question


      I am starting a new build - I use Premier Pro CS6 mostly (not very intense, basically 1080P video camera footage to Blu-ray with some simple time lines), and would like some feedback on my initial selection of components too see if anything is way off base.  I have also selected the Haswell E as my platform as I like to overspend for new stuff


      - MSI X99S XPOWER AC LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99 motherboard

      - i7-5820K processor

      - Either 16 or 32 GB Crucial DDR4 quad memory (still deciding which to order) - it was suggested to go with 4x the core number which would be 24 - as I need quad, it would be 16 or 32

      - Four 6TB WD red drives (SATA3) either raid 10 or 5 - still deciding, currently use 10 - note these will be in the tower case, not NSA box.

      - Crucial 1TB M550 SSD for OS

      - Legacy video card - MSI Geforce GTX 770 Video Card - 2GB GDDR5, PCI-Express 3.0 (x16)

      - Legacy OS - Windows 7 ultimate, 64 bit OS (I like this but could upgrade to 8 if necessary)

      - Legacy Dell Ultra Sharp U3011 Monitor

      - Legacy ASUS PA246 Series LCD Monitor


      Any guidance, especially with the size of the memory (16 vs 32) - I have some ancillary stuff to select, but the other stuff will not be doing the heavy lifting so its selection can wait.


      Or - am I just crazy to jump on the X99 Haswell bandwagon now?  I need to build something this month as my kids have overtaken my current rig (ouch)...  I don't mind paying a little more now for the new stuff as long as there is an advantage in doing so.



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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          You want 32GB of ram. 16GB means 4GB sticks which you will likely want to replace at some point. 32GB means 8GB sticks and you will continue the investment if you upgrade to 64GB at some point.  Do not use a parity raid on the onboard controller. Theya re very poor at that and the rebuild times are atrocious. Raid 10 is ok though it still performs better on a raid card. Beyond that the rest looks ok. I would suggest a 970GTX over the 770GTX though and the Micron M600 versus the previous gen Crucial M550. Crucial is the retail division of Micron and the M600 series drives have a far greater endurance rating.




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            sldwaa Level 1

            Thank!  I understand the memory and agree 32 is better than 16.  I also agree with raid 10 - this is currently what I run on my current pc and it works well.  As for the video card, I am using my old one until I determine the final cost of my new rig - I may buy it sooner than later - I will compare the specs of the two.  Lastly, I was not aware of the Micron - I like crucial and will look into the M600.


            Thanks Again!

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              sldwaa Level 1

              Eric - Based on  your feedback, I have researched the Micron M600 vs Crucial M550 and agree the M600 is a better drive.  I believe I will change as this is the OEM drive.  One question is that it appears as though it comes both self encrypting (SE) and non SE.  The one I found is self encrypting.  As this is a home PC, will this affect performance, or more importantly, if  I have drive issues, will this not make data retrieval much more difficult or impossible?  Should I stick strictly with non SE?  I will not be running raid on this OS drive.


              Second question, any recommendation on raid card?  I believe I am heading that direction vs. on board.



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                Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                With that i7-5820 being crippled on the PCIe lanes you may have a problem adding a RAID card.  Consider an good SSD (probably faster than your 6 harddrives in RAID 10) for active projects and then fewer hard drives for individual archival.

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                  sldwaa Level 1

                  Went with the i7-5930K instead.  Spend a few more dollars now to get more potential.  I will consider another SSD for active projects.  Thanks.