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    Can I hire someone to help me get started creating a javascript to manage my PDF files?

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      I have  written quite a few programs in VBA and C+.  Although I have not programmed at all in Java, it seems very close to C.  I simply do not know what programming/debug  tool to use and how to get started.

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          I assume (?) you already own Acrobat Pro. It may be worth, before talking to a programmer, telling us the sort of tasks you want to do. We can tell you if it is impossible, hard, easy... free, expensive... and the sort of way it would be approached. Tip: JavaScript should never be abbreviated to Java: they are two quite different things, and that gets confusing when looking for training.

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            Acrobat and Adobe Reader use JavaScript which is very different from the Java language.


            Acrobat JavaScript is also sand boxed from the OS and is not designed for document management.


            Are you looking for document management software?

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              OK, Thank you very much for taking the time to look more closely at what I need to do.  Here is a pretty detailed description of what I need and again thank you for your consideration:


              Job Packages or “Work specifications” are received from our authority in 15-50 page PDF files. The work specifications typically have 4 to 10 different jobs in each PDF file.  Each job is several pages or more and is uniquely identified by a work number which is located on the top right corner of each page in the job. All the pages that belong to a specific job can be identified by the associated work number.


              Scope of what is needed:


              1. Each individual job in the Job package must be extracted (Based on its work number) and saved in a unique folder (which will already exist) with a unique name that matches the folder name.


              2. Each job extracted must be printed on a specific printer or emailed to an out of office recipient. Whether the extracted file is printed or emailed is based on the parent file the extracted file came from. In other words, I intend to run this app on several PDF files. As an example, these 4 files to start:


              Job Package Report – Hampton-Wmsbg – Email all files extracted to……

              Job Package Report - Norfolk-VA Bch, Daily – Print all files extracted to printer IP:....

              Job Package Report - Chesapeake-Chuckatuck Daily – Print all files extracted

              Job Package Report - North Carolina  – Email all files extracted to printer IP:...


              3. On each page, where the work number appears, ( Unless the work number is marked…as existing) the work number needs to be replaced by a unique number, using a Arial black number 10 font. This number will be available in the same lookup table where all work numbers are found. An example lookup table would be:


              Work # to find

              Work # to replace












              JOB ALREADY EXISTS


              If the work number is marked as existing, as in job 7632212 in the table above, do not search and replace work numbers, simply go to step 4.


              4. In the Header or centered in the top of each page, using Arial Black number 16 font, the same unique “Work # to replace” number needs to be printed. If that work number is marked already exists; in the Header using the same font Print “JOB ALREADY EXISTS.”


              5 If a work number is not found in the work specification, the work number not found must be identified and listed in a table.


              6 Likewise, any pages that have not been identified in the work specification, after the work number list has been gone through once, and all associated pages extracted, must be extracted and given a name “ pages not found” and stored in a directory called “jobs not found”.



              Of course many approaches to accomplishing this are available and up to the programmer the best to perform. Additionally, it is probable many steps can be combined.  For example, when searching for the work number to extract pages, the new work number can be replaced at the same time.

              The end goal is to have a VBA program, embedded in an Excel file, call a Java script to open the  Job Package file.  The PDF file name does not change and the file will always be located in a specific directory.