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    Netstream commands not working

    Happiest Camper

      I have a base movie, "impression.swf", it loads into a movieClip a movie called "flvLoader.swf". Inside of the file "flvLoader" is this code:

      The movie just plays without waiting for the "NetStream.Buffer.Full" command to come up. By the time the trace reads "NetStream.Buffer.Full" it is already playing. Also, I am using "NetStream.Buffer.Empty" to advance the timeline, which is obviously a bad idea, but it is the only thing that comes up from the onStatus at the end of the movie playing.

      I have added out points in Sorenson Squeeze 4.5.3 to all the movies, but I never receive the "NetStream.Play.Stop" command in the trace. So as of now I have no way to make the _root timeline advance when the movie is finished playing outside of "NetStream.Buffer.Empty". I have also tried using onMetaData ns.duration and ns.time, but the ns.time never reaches the ending time, so the movie never advances.

      I have read some forums on glitches with this code. Does anyone have a solution? Very frustrated, any help is much appreciated.