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    Publish settings for AIR 13.0 for IOS in Flash


      I have an app I and I am trying to play back a video at one point. I've imported the video, selected a skin for the flvplayback component, and it works fine in the emulator, but when I publish to my iPad, it doesn't appear.


      Under the General tab in the Publish Settings, I have added the .mp4 file and the .swf file for the skin, I think I've done this before for an android app and it worked fine. Am I missing something blatantly obvious?



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          rynalan Level 1

          Update: I've tried multiple video files, using StageVideo instead of FLVPlayback, and nothing is working. The iPad just sits there with a blank screen.


          I've tried using AIR 13, AIR 14, and looking at the .ipa file size changing when I include different video files, it appears to be sending the video file to the iPad, it just won't play anything. I've added loads of event listeners to a FLVPlayback object with trace statements, this is what I see when I debug via USB (again, it works perfectly as a swf on my laptop):


          Waiting for Player to connect...

          [SWF] videotest.swf - 1848 bytes after decompression


          NaN% loaded


          flvPlayback.state == VideoState.BUFFERING



          flvPlayback.source: lft.mp4

          metaDataObj.canSeekToEnd: undefined

          metaDataObj.cuePoints: undefined

          metaDataObj.audiocodecid: mp4a

          metaDataObj.audiodelay: undefined

          metaDataObj.audiodatarate: undefined

          metaDataObj.videocodecid: avc1

          metaDataObj.framerate: undefined

          metaDataObj.videodatarate: undefined

          metaDataObj.height: 720

          metaDataObj.width: 1280

          metaDataObj.duration: 21.674666666666667


          flvPlayback.state == VideoState.STOPPED




          flvPlayback.state == VideoState.REWINDING


          So it is getting the metadata, sees the height, width, duration, codecs, etc.


          It is buffering the video, and decides it is ready, then without ever playing, it goes to stop, and says it is complete, and auto-rewinds and just gets stuck there. (if I turn off auto-rewind and add a play button, it goes to the rewinding state, and hangs, just like it does when auto is on).


          I've seen there are some fixes for video issues in the later versions of the AIR runtime, but those are not available in my Flash CC install, can anyone link me how to add them?

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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