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    Help! LR4 Library text filter is not recognising file names.


      Hi, I'm currently using LR4.4 on my mac (OS X) and have been a LR user for about two years now.  I've never had trouble with the filters until today.  I frequently search for images using the text filter and a file name or string of file names.  Suddenly today for the first time I cannot find images by doing a text search on the file name.  The text filter is set to "Search Any Field" and "Contains" and I've typed in the file name "IMG_8155".  I've double checked that I'm not searching in a wrong folder, and to be sure, I've gone to my top folder which contains all 18061 images to do the search.  I've tried several alternative filter combinations with no success.  I've restarted my computer and optimised my catalog with no change.  Has anyone else seen this issue? 


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          Some suggestions:


          1. Make sure you don't accidentally have any other filters active by clicking None in the Library Filter bar.  Depending on your display and your eyesight, sometimes it's easy to miss the light-grey-on-darker-grey fonts indicating a filter is set.


          2. Rather than "Search Any Field" "Contains", try "Filename" "Contains".


          3. In the Catalog pane on the left-hand side, click "All Photographs" to ensure that you're really selected all photos.


          4. Are the photos you're searching for in stacks?  Filtering only finds photos if they're on the top of a stack or their stack is expanded.  Do Photo > Stacking > Expand All Stacks before doing the filter.