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    Video and Audio not syncing up in Premiere Elements


      Hi everyone, just beginning to use Elements and I'm really liking it so far.


      I'm trying to edit one particular video and once it is loaded into Premiere Elements, the audio and video do not match. The files is an MP4, originally saved through a recorder service as a .webm and converted. Everything matches up just fine when you view it on Windows Media player, but once it is loaded in Elements the sync is messed up.


      Any pointers? Thank you!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          What are the properties of this .mp4 video import (video and audio compressions, frame size, frame rate, interlaced or progressive, pixel aspect ratio)?

          If you have any information about the video bitrate and audio bitrate of the file, that would be good to know.


          What is the audio - stereo 2 channel or 5.1 channel?


          What are you (manually) or the project automatically setting as the project preset to match the properties of your source video?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.


          Thank you.