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    The quality of the footage is lost when I use certain settings in Premiere Pro CS6


      Hello ,

         I filmed footage on a Canon XA10. They are MTS files and the codecs are 1440x 1080, frame rate 29.97, H264- MPEG- 4AVC, input nitrate 9854, and stream nitrate is 8971

      I need to submit them as application samples for a job. The job requires certain settings to be used.

      for HD 1080i  the application sample should be 960 x 540 @ 29.97

      they have other settings, like NTSC should be 320 x 243 @ 29.97

      With one file I filmed rain and in the original file it's clear and the quality it really good. I export using the settings H.264 and Apple TV, iPad, iPhone 4 or newer - 960 x 540 29.97

      under basic video settings is

          width 960

          height 540

      frame rate 29.97


      After exporting it the .mp4 file came out pixelated and the image quality is much lower.



      I had another problem with a file shot with the same camera and the same codecs  (MTS files and the codecs are 1440x 1080, frame rate 29.97 ect.)

      It was footage that I had to speed up, after exporting it came out shaky. When I export with the 1440 x 1080 settings it's not shaky, but I need it to be 960 x 540. I can't turn in shaky footage.

      What am I doing wrong and how can I get footage that is acceptable for submission?