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    Script help!!


      Hello everyone,


      I know little to nothing about javascript but I'm trying to use a script for an Acrobat form that I'm working on. I know the script I'm looking for is simple but I cannot find it anywhere! I have read a bunch of how to's and tutorials but I am not able to modify the scripts for my specific use.


      What I'm trying to do:

      I currently have a form that has a field for a user to enter their name. Underneath that field is another field for a user to enter their address. I have the same specific users over and over so what I'm trying to do is figure out a way for when that user enters his or her name, their address automatically pops up in the address field. I would prefer to have it be a custom text field but I'm not opposed to using a dropdown either.


      I originally started looking at if then scripts. Something like if "user" field = joe green, then "address" field = 123 fairy lane. I know it's not that simple but my lack of code/script experience is hindering me at the moment.


      All help is GREATLY appreciated!!!


      Thanks in advance,