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    how to play/pause audio/symbol from within parent symbol

    Potts Level 1

      i'm making an audio player that has a playbar to show how much of the song has played.


      the animation is set up like this




      container and bar are both symbols. container holds an audio file, and a button to play the audio and bar symbol. i need to be able to toggle the audio file within 'container', and the playbar within 'bar' at the same time with this button. is this possible?

      at the moment i have the code:




      sym.play ("audioPlay")




      if (sym.$("_01_Wildfire_13")[0].paused) {


      } else {




      if (sym.getSymbol("progressBar").isPlaying()) {


      } else {







      it toggles the audio and plays the bar symbol, but it doesn't toggle the symbol on/off.