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    Dynamic Link Aspect Ratio


      I have a dynamically linked AE composition in Premiere. I've done all my effects in AE and want to preview it in Premiere.


      It looks great but whenever I select my AE composition and click Sequence > Render Selection it makes the footage from the comp look like it is squished and in the wrong aspect ratio. Is this a known issue?
      I can't understand why when I render it to watch it back it squishes the image but when the bar is red the image looks correct and as i see it in AE.


      When I originally exported my AE comps my footage was squished so I changed my AE comp to Square Pixel, could that be the problem? Although I did a test of sending a clip to an AE comp making no changes and rendering the comp and it did the same where it squished the image.


      Any workaround would be great or if anyone has had this issue and knows how to fix it that would be awesome too.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Sounds like you have anamorphic footage in PP -- the pixels in your video clips aren't square, they're wide.

          Once you have your stuff in AE, look for the Pixel Aspect Ratio compensation switch at the bottom of the comp window; things will turn into 16x9.  And when you render, everything will look nice & smooth, too.


          I've never had to mess with anamorphic footage from PP to AE, but I'm pretty sure it'll work for you.

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            Paul Whitehead Level 1

            Here's what I would do.  So you have your project set up and your footage that looks 4x3 in your project bin.  Before you put that footage on the timeline, right click on the vide and select modify>intercept footage.  Below, you can conform it to D1/DV NTSC Widescreen 16:9.  When i shoot in the studio i work in, even though the camera's are set for 16:9 and they look 16:9 filming.. When i bring the footage into an editor like PP or FC7, it looks squished because its still shooting 720x480 resolution, but the camera knows its letter boxed, but the editor doesn't.  Hope this helps