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      I am wanting to purchase Lightroom for my boyfriend but he has a PC and Sony Tablet and Sony Phone, so i was wondering if he can still share/sync his photos between the three devices or does this only work with Apple products? And if so, what lightroom package should i buy? Is there any difference between the download version and the CD version (the CD would be better to wrap for christmas) Thanks guys

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are no Lightroom packages. Lightroom 5 has a mobile application that will run on Apple iOS systems. There is nothing available yet for android. Make sure that you don't purchase an upgrade version unless he has an older version that he is using now. The only difference between the boxed version and the download is that the box version will be the original release of Lightroom 5. After installing it from the disk he will immediately be prompted to update to the latest version. That can be bypassed if you give him the download version. It's not a big deal, just a little time-consuming.

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            OliviaLankshear Level 1

            Thanks for that info, I understand now. So i can just purchase the Lightroom programme without the cloud share part? Where is the best place to purchase this from considering in in New Zealand?