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      Hello all!


      After working with Behance ProSite, and doing some research, I have discovered that Behance ProSite is not responsive. According to a 2013 forum, responsive was something that Behance was working towards. We know are approaching 2015, is Behance still not offering responsive, and if so, when should we expect to see this change?




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          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Gaby - thanks for checking. We're currently working on a redesigsn of ProSite, which WILL include fully responsive templates! So yes, although we don't have a definite timeline on this yet, but it will be at least 6 months away.



          The Behance Team

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            Hi Sarah,


            Are you aware you told exactly the same thing around august? (you can find that here: What about responsive Prosite? )  I guess there are two options to consider since we are at the end of december now. 1.Customer service phrases should be updated (i.e not 6 months but 3 months ) 2. Give a clear answer if we are really going to see an update soon, or just wait until behance and adobe clearly abandon the service.

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              SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Burakkyz - sorry to hear that you're frustrated. You're correct that we shouldn't give time estimates in this case, as we don't have a public target date for this service being released (although as I said, our team is currently working on it!). We did say it would be at least 6 months, but I understand that giving any sort of estimate can be misleading and it's not our intention to do so. We fully understand if your need for the service is urgent and you move onto a different service for your personal portfolio website.