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    How do I lighten or remove dark/black images or layers in Photoshop CS5?

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      For several months, I have been trying to find the best ways to reduce the excessive amount of toner that is required to print many pdf documents in black and white, or even grayscale.  I use Leanprint but it can still leave pages of dark and black images.    


      Several Adobe Acrobat X posts say to use Photoshop to remove black graphics and/or reduce the darkness of images.  However, they give no further information about what to do in Photoshop.  I am not a simpleton but I know very little about Photoshop other than that there are probably several ways to accomplish this, depending on the circumstances.  I dread having to spend more hours trying to figure out what is the best option to use in each specific situation.


      It is puzzling that it has been so difficult to find the information needed, especially since many other people would like this information as well.


      I hope that someone can advise me or just point me to some directions and resources  as places to start.   Even knowing the best search terms to find this information could be useful.


      Thank you for any assistance.