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    Is Flash Builder 4.7 being maintained anymore?

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      I posted this question in the Adobe Air Development forum. (Is Flash Builder 4.7 being maintained anymore?)


      One user responded that he heard Chris Campbell of Adobe report that he believed that they will fix major bugs but we should not expect actual progress on the tool itself because Adobe feels that the community creates better tools on their own.


      Does anyone on this forum have further intelligence on the future of Flash Builder? I am trying to decide if it is time to jump ship to another IDE.


      Thanks kindly!

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          The best Flash Builder alternative is FDT, but it does not support MXML Design View.



          The 2nd choice is IntelliJ IDEA, you can download a MXML Design View plugin, it's very cool.



          The 3rd choice is FlashDevelop, it's free and open sourced, but it's Windows only, and it does not support MXML Design View either.






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            xpojosh Level 1



            Thank's kindly for your help and suggestions. I have since purchased FDT and am very pleased with it. Creating a modular air application (with multiple compiled swfs/actionscript workers in the same project) was a bit more tedious with FDT; however, I can see that overall it is a much more flexible and powerful IDE than FB.


            I feel that FB is a good IDE and has a lot of potential, but at some point it seemed to be abandoned by Adobe. What a shame.



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