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    Need to recover a crashed Project

    buraihan Level 1

      Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 just crashed on me as I put a Warp Stabiliser effect on a video clip. I force quit it as it had stopped responding after giving me the "Premire has crashed" message. Now when I try to open that project Premiere says it cant open because of a generic error.


      Looking in the project folder I also notice that Premiere hasnt created its usual Preview files and Autosave folders. So now I really have to get this project file to open or risk losing days of work.


      My first thought was to open a new project and import the old broken one into it. But Premiere says it cant read the project due to an error.


      My next idea was to open the project file in a text editor and try to remove any instance of the warp stabiliser effect since that was what caused the crash. It seems that it is not as simple as doing a search for "Warp" and then removing those xml entries though.


      Could anyone offer any tips on how I might get out of this hole?

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          RameezKhan Adobe Employee



          This might be helpful.


          Open After Effects and go to File > Import > Import a Premiere Pro project. If it imports fine , wait for it to load all the stuff and then go to File > Export > Export as a Premiere Pro project. Then try to open the project and see if it opens fine. 


          Note: You might lose some of your effects and transitions.




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            shooternz Level 6

            Hopefully you had a Project back up regime running and hopefully it was not relying on auto saves.  Good luck.


            This is a lesson to everyone.


            Save Copy as ( "backup" - regularly)

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              buraihan Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. Rameez those suggestions were the first things Itried . Just to tidy up this thread here's how I solved the problem: luckily I was able to find some autosave files in the premiere pro documents folder. It seems that the scratch disk for the project had been changed so that auto saves went to my local disk instead of being beside the project. Don't know how it happened but thankful I didn't have to start the whole project from scratch again.