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    Premiere CC 2014 - Magic Mouse issues?

    InShane Level 1

      I know most professionals might prefer not using Apple's Magic Mouse for professional applications, but I happen to kind-of like the mouse.


      However, since using the latest version of Premiere CC 2014, I've noticed some very erratic behavior with the Magic Mouse. Click-dragging to move clips on my timeline doesn't always work. Sensitivity is delayed in zooming in on the timeline. Scrolling lags. Etc. etc.


      Anyone else have any issues using the Magic Mouse? All my other non-Adobe applications seem to be working fine with this mouse, though I have notice some similar sensitivity issues with the mouse in Illustrator and InDesign.


      I'm hoping there will just be a bug fix or something, as I've been having to resort to using a wired mouse, which is a clunky fix.