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    File Not Finding Fonts




      When opening an InDesign (cs5.5) File that was created by my colleague, the font doesn't show correctly. It uses a similar font but not the correct font my colleague has used. Steps I've taken to correct this:


      - Installed font

      - Moved font into the InDesign 'Fonts' folder

      - I can see the font in the drop down fonts list and I can see it when I go to try and find the font under the Type tab.


      The file is not popping up the 'find missing fonts' window and does not highlight the text with that pink colour that represents missing font. It just chooses its own.


      While I would just use the 'find font' option, which does work, I have large number of files and doing this to every one of them is time I don't have. If I can have it open with the correct font initially that is my aim. Any help would be great. Ta.