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    Bulk anchor images


      Hi there,


      My first post here, thanks for having me!

      I've just received an indd file holding 200+ image files. The publisher has asked me to create an epub. Now, on export, all the images end up appended to the back of the book. I could go and manually anchor all these object frames to their relevant positions, thereby including them in the text flow, but I am a human being: LAZY.


      There should be a way to automate this. The images are in the correct position on the page and it shouldn't be all that hard to anchor them to empty paragraphs on the same page, or to the relevant subtitle which happens to be in the text flow.


      I've done several google searches, but as of right now, I'm confident that no-one has written a script that performs this task. Or at least, if someone has, they have not made it publicly available.


      Now, I've dabbled in JS for a while last year, and I'd like to take a stab at writing this. But I'm not clear on where to start. The ID Script documentation does not mention object frames, images, or anchoring with respect to either.


      Could you point me in the right direction?