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    How do I add a poster to a page curl/turn PDF in InDesign 2014?


      I have created a two-page Christmas card for my company. I used the Adobe TV video to see how to create a SWF file with page curl to import into an InDesign file and keep page turn in a PDF.


      The only problem is that I can't find how to use the first page of the card as a poster for the PDF; when receivers see the file at the moment, they get is the image below, a screen-filling image with a SWF icon in the corner with a button that says 'activate here' which looks ugly.


      In the Adobe TV video which uses an older version of InDesign, it's easy to see how to set a page as the poster but in InDesign 2014, I can't see how it's done.


      Any suggestions? Thanks for reading this.