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    Object Layer Visibility - change layer visibility of linked files


      Hello guys ,

      can you, please, help me out?


      I have indesign file(catalogue) with bunch of other linked indesign files(product cards). In those linked indesign files I have several different text layers that I control (show/hide) in main indesign file (catalogue) using "Object Layer Options". I've also selected "Keep Layer Visibility Overrides" so that if I accidentaly hide layer in linked file(product card), it does not affect my catalogue.


      Now I need a script, that goes through my catalogue, finds all links(product cards) and makes one layer visible, and another layer invisible. But here's a catch: I dont want to do it in source files(product card), but in the main (catalogue) file (via "Object Layer Options").


      Layers in all product cards has same names.


      Do you think that there's a script that can make it?


      Thank you for all your help


      (For further understanding, those text layers I need to show/hide contains different translations)