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    PE9 for Mac crashing


      I am running PE9 on a 4 year old Macbook Pro.  I have not created a video with the system for 2 years, but from 2010-12 I created a few extensive ones and the software and Mac worked fine (and this forum was very helpful in solving my issues then).  My current project currently is about 2 minutes, has in it about 5 photos, one 45 second video, on song, 15 titles and a background matte.  My intent is to add about 20 more photos, 2 very short videos, more tiles and a few more songs.


      When I click the play button above the timeline to view the project in the monitor, the system closes itself after a few seconds of playing.  That did not happen two years ago and prior.  Any suggestions on what to change or check?  My project is for my company's holiday party in a week.