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    Photoshop CS6 sometimes flickers when opening with right click from windows explorer and doesn't close photoshop.exe after exit sometimes as well


      Hardware/software details:


      Photoshop CS6 64bit updated to

      Windows 8.1 64 bit installed fresh few days ago, automatically updated

      GTX670 GPU with newest drivers

      i7-2600K CPU

      Updated drivers for most of PC parts (drivers are dated for 2013-2014)

      only Windows Defender, no third party antivirus/firewall/any protection software




      1). Video (shows 3 attempts, 1st shows the flickering on both splash screen and Explorer window from which file was opened, 2nd attempt is flawless for reason I don't know, in 3rd flickering is back, but you can see closing Explorer window makes launching program smooth):

      Photoshop CS6 flickering - YouTube



      When I'm opening graphic file (doesn't matter what file format, from whcih disc/partition etc.) with right click context menu on File Explorer ("Open with", by default graphic files are opened in IrfanView graphic viewer), the splash screen of Photoshop AND window with file from which I'm launching program, flicker. It seems they both are fighting to be active object (you know, when you click on window top bar, it becomes active) and it makes Photoshop loading much slower and flickering is super annoying to me. Doesn't always happen though, it happens 50-60% of time - percentage came from spamming with opening file with right click and doing nothing else between attempts. Flickering occurs when I'm launching main .exe file (Photoshop.exe in Program Files). But what baffles me, is that there's no issue when I'm launching program from shortcut (it doesn't have admin privileges). However, dragging graphic file to shortcut from Explorer causes flickering. When I'm loading graphic file to Photoshop via IrfanView (this viewer can open loaded file in other editors, including Photoshop), there are no problems. It seems the problem lies in interaction between Photoshop and Explorer and is most likely related to permissions/privileges as launching Photoshop in admin mode solves everything except drag and drop doesn't work anymore. I've noticed that if flickering occurs, closing the Explorer window that's conflicting with Photoshop, helps - flickering stops and program launches instantly.


      2). Sometimes Photoshop doesn't shut down the photoshop.exe process after exiting program, making impossible to launch up another instance unless I close the process manually in Task Manager. It happens very rarely though. I've noticed that Photoshop launched with admin privileges always closes the process, so it makes another lead to permission issues.


      What I did in case nr 1:


      • launching Photoshop as admin (ctrl+alt+shift/run as admin from context menu/launch as admin in .exe or shortcut properties) solves the flicker and photoshop.exe issues completely. Drawback - drag drop from File Explorer doesn't work anymore due to difference in privileges between admin-mode Photoshop and non-elevated File Explorer, which is a big no-no for me. I need drag'n'dropping.
      • disabling UAC via Control Panel and registry entry edit (EnableLUA set to 0)
      • closing third party apps/processes
      • unplugging all USB devices and leaving only keyboard
      • reinstalling Photoshop as admin and non-admin
      • changed scratch file locations to default/other discs
      • disabling hardware acceleration
      • setting acceleration to Basici in case it's enabled
      • sfc /SCANNOW command, no errors found


      Let me sum up again when flickering occurs and when doesn't.


      When it flickers:


      • opening file with right click context menu (Open with)
      • dragging file to Photoshop shortcut
      • opening Photoshop.exe in installation folder


      When it doesn't flicker:

      • launching Photoshop from shortcut (shortcut doesn't have admin mode in properties)
      • dragging file to Photoshop.exe
      • opening file in Photoshop via IrfanView image viewer
      • when the conflicting Explorer window that flickers as well, is closed manually by myself - Photoshop splash screen stops flickering and loads program instantly (with no flicker, it launches in 2s, with flicker, it varies, 6-8s or so)

      I've wasted 2 days testing as many options as I could come up. Any ideas what I could do now?