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    Training & Assessment Simulation Recording

      I am creating a small project for our group to demonstrate how we can use this tool for the applications we teach. When I recorded in demonstration mode all was easy and seemed to work fine. When I went to recording the training or assessment simulations, I was getting (what I've interpretted as) errors in recording. When I previewed those recordings, I'd click where I was supposed to and I'd get an "incorrect" message. The same thing would happen for when I needed to press Enter or to click to select text. I *know* I am doing the correct action or step, and am getting stuck with an "incorrect" message when I run the simulation. When I look at the recordings in the slide (or editing?) view, I see an "Incorrect" message box on some slides, yet the click action box seems to be correctly positioned. Or, the Enter action box is on the slide (usually in the upper left hand corner), but when I preview it those actions won't work.

      Additionally, I'm noticing when I view the recordings in the slide mode (not preview) I'm getting these random transparent buttons being inserted within the simulation and I'm not sure what those are about.

      The simple procedure I'm trying to show is how to apply styles in a Word document. Anyone have any ideas of what is happening? Are there settings I'm not considering.

      Have I provided enough information? Thanks so much.